The Hub of Fine Arts is a unique intersection of modernist stylistic expression and the greatest artists of the first half of the twentieth century. More than 100 exhibits offer excellent insight into the constants and revolutionary aspects of these artworks, revealing all the uniqueness of an age and this potential is the reference point for the creation of a museum exhibit concept.

The expert arrangement and presentation of this carefully planned and constructed collection make it accessible to the present and reveal museum and historical significance. Openness renders this space dynamic, accessible and easily comprehensible, while the exceptional value, potential and quality of the collection bring the exhibit closer to a museum concept.

The Hub of Fine Arts offers a multidimensional art and culture experience to visitors of all ages, and, with the help of the latest museum tools, educates them on the creative process of art and recent cultural currents. As a unique art space in the region, The Hub of Fine Arts will showcase its uniqueness through quality art exhibitions focusing on the works of international masters of modernism.