With the goal of expanding knowledge, The Hub of Fine Arts offers various educational programs. We believe that by enabling visitors of all ages and all walks of life to experience art in a different light, by creating interactive activities and by keeping our visitors engaged, we promote education, better understanding of art, creativity and diversity for the younger generation as well as the general public.

Through an interesting practice and multidisciplinary approach, the community will be enriched with a platform where critical thinking and the feelings of aesthetics will be nurtured. Our educated staff strives to deepen the understanding of modern art of all visitors, and enrich the cultural life of our local community.


The Hub of Fine Arts organizes a series of educational and creative workshops and lectures for all ages. Special emphasis is placed on the education of preschool and school children and people with special needs. To achieve our goals in the best way, we have established a series of collaborations with organizations and institutions operating in the field of education and culture.

With these activities, participants will embark on artistic adventures, learning about the interesting world of geometry, visual observation, street art, art techniques, theatre and film. Learning through play and fun provides the best results, and that is exactly what our educational programs offer.

Participation must be announced no later than five days before the workshop at the e-mail address: